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Naté Allen

A budding young artist from the South Side of Chicago, Naté Allen uses painting, photography, and writing as therapeutic outlets to organize her thoughts. An active advocate for mental wellness, Naté’s work is themed to mirror the inner-workings of the human mind, specifically her own experiences with anxiety and depression. A result of obstacles she’s overcome, she’s adopted the unique ability to express raw human emotion through relatable, thought-provoking pieces.

In her latest abstract collection “Beauty in Brokenness,” Naté shines a light on values such as self-awareness, clarity, and humility during the rebuilding process. “My hope is for my audience to connect with the specific emotions that go into my work, or to identify characteristics that spark a personal connection based upon their own life experiences. I want to remind readers and viewers alike that raw, uncut humanity does not signify weakness. That if we were all willing to share our stories, we may help someone realize that they are not alone.”

As an artist, Naté rarely identifies with just one specific style of painting. While she is skilled in many different styles, her latest collection is mostly comprised of abstracts. Naté leans towards this genre because her mind can let loose with no restrictions, allowing her to use whatever materials and inspiration she can find to get her message across.

Press & Events

Voyage Chicago

“Somewhere along the way, my passion for art got pushed to the side and I was inactive as an artist for several years.”

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FILF UK Why I Design

“When I write, I can say what I need to say, good or bad, right or wrong, poetically, while being as vague or direct as my mood allows.”

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Shapes, Shades & Tranquility

March 2018, Chicago, Co-Producer/Featured Artist

Conception Arts

September 2018, Chicago, Featured Artist

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Garfield Park Back to School Jam

August 2018, Chicago, Face Painter

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Brunch & Art With Us

June 2018, Chicago, Co-Producer/Featured Artist