Ode to Jackson

My painting style lately has been heavily influenced by “action painting,” made famous by Jackson Pollack during the Abstract Expressionist movement. With this technique, I go wherever the brush takes me via quick flicks of the wrist fueled by my emotions. The canvas becomes my safe haven where I dwell freely as long as I please. I purge my thoughts with no fear of judgement. Once I feel cleansed, I know the painting is complete. A critic once called Pollack’s work “mere unorganized explosions of random energy, and therefore meaningless.” This critic was clearly misinformed. “Meaning” sometimes lies within energy itself and how it manifests during the creative process. Art is not always the depiction of an actual object, nor does it always tell a cohesive story. Sometimes, art can merely be a point in time captured through the transference of paint onto a canvas. For me, that personal look into an artist’s mind is much more intriguing… But that’s just me.