For You

How do I juggle a full time job, business ventures, events, hobbies, a social life, relationships, AND my sanity?? Why do I care about setting a positive example, giving back to the community, and sharing my story? 

I do it for my grandmother who worked her butt off as single parent and underpaid school teacher to provide a good life for five kids, ten grandkids, and fifteen great grandkids, all the while remaining resilient through discrimination and urban decay.

I do it for the beautiful queen who pushed me into this world whilst pushing her dreams aside to nurture my development. Sacrificing alone time to feed my curiosity… Losing sleep to pray for my well being… cheering the loudest when I had no voice left to cheer for myself.

I do it for the mighty king who still loved me as he maneuvered through massive storms and torrential down pours… vowing to learn from his mistakes and serve as a positive role model in living life with honesty and integrity.

I do it for those that carried  the weight of the world on their backs just so I could have a better life, pushing resiliency through my bloodline like a vaccine. Those that wouldn’t rest until their best foot was set forward. The waymakers. The believers. The achievers.

I accept the challenge. I receive it.  I’ve inherited the responsibility to make a difference. To pay it forward. To continue laying the building blocks towards greatness. 

For you,