Hello Happiness

Happiness was a magnificent destination, somewhere on life’s road map between success and prosperity. The career of her dreams would surely take her there. “No pain, no gain” was the motto as she climbed the corporate ladder, bypassing nasty splinters and missing rungs. If only she could reach the top, the journey would all be worthwhile. Until she fell. Long and hard through a cold, dark abyss. Hands tied and a ton of bricks strapped to her waist. Terrified as she plummeted, she began to accept her fate. She thought she’d lost it all... until the truth broke her fall. The real meaning of happiness cradled her like a newborn baby. The existential gratitude that she’d always heard about but could never quite imagine. The perpetual satisfaction for simply being alive. The commitment to self love and acceptance of the unchangable. The realization that the ultimate validation lies within. Always has, always will. She’d finally arrived.